When you purchase over 150 million pounds of commodity-based proteins each
year, you know buying and selling inside out. That 360º view enables Surlean
Foods to source the right beef, chicken or pork and negotiate the very best price.
As a custom manufacturer for restaurant chains, we buy in bulk and use our
purchasing leverage on your behalf. Working with beef supplier and sister
division L&H Packing can also assure you the industry’s best value.

We’re the only custom-food manufacturer who also offers:

  • Exclusive imported-commodity purchasing agreements (AUS, NZ)
  • Commodity-market hedge and annual-contract-pricing capabilities
  • Advanced cost-formula technology
  • Dedicated U.S. fleet service
  • Strategically located regional plants

Learn about our roots in meatpacking at L&H, one of
the top 5 cow and bull slaughter facilities in the country.

See how we’ve been putting waste products to good use
for decades at New Earth Soils and Compost.